3 Body Treatment

This treatment is a booster for your whole being.

3 Body Healing will treat all three body fields (physical, mental and spiritual) and release memories and tensions from your body.

It is well known now that the memories are stored not only in the brain but in each cells through out the body.

Memories (especially trauma) which stuck on your physical cells will cause damages in spiritual energy field and physical field. Or vice versa.

Through my 10 years experiences, I have noticed that there are many clients come back to my clinic with same issues again and again. Then I realised it’s because the issues are not sitting in their physical bodies only.

You will get an hour massage then Access Bars® and one of the body processes. You will feel the deepest relaxation, total ease and lightness, improvements in the performances in any aspects after this treatment.

This treatment is also suit for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, and chronic pain.