Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a type of massage focusing on the problem area – such as shoulders, hips, lower back, elbows, knees…etc. where you have pain and stiffness. By treating soft tissues with various techniques, therapists will release tensions, pains and soreness, dysfunctions, discomfort, and improving range of motions, performances, mood and so on.

Main techniques used in our clinic are Swedish, Deep tissue, Shiatsu and Amma technique, Myofascia Release and positional release. Our therapist will choose the right techniques for your condition and personal preferences. (Still, occasionally some pain to an extend are unavoidable. Depend on the each individual case.)

Often, many people believe that their pain and conditions are not curable and have to live with it. Especially after they tried many different modalities, doctors, physios and chiros. But that’s not the case for many people. Human body is amazing and soft tissues are moldable.

There have been many clients who changed their lives with massages in our clinic.

So, stop saying “this is what I have to live with” or “Can’t do much about it” and try our remedial massage to improve your body and life.