Miyuki Saito

Miyuki is a qualified remedial massage therapist, Reiki, Access bars®, WHAT therapy practitioner who has a passion to healing people with not only physical but also mental and emotional pain.

From her traumatic experiences earlier in her life, Miyuki has very much interests in healing and serving people in need. It’s been over 10 years since she started exploring the “healing world” and keep improving her skills and energy. Her treatments are oriental and holistic.

Miyuki believes mind, spirit and body are one. She sees each client as a whole and approach to each aspect of their “body” – “Physical”, “Mental” and “Spiritual”.

If your issue comes back again and again, it’s time to see Miyuki. There could be some emotional aspects involving or could be from your mental trauma or stress.

There are many clients who found Perth Spiritual Healing is the final destination of their healing journey.